Our Firm

At the heart of many of life's concerns usually lies questions about money, financial security and how decisions made today will impact the future of not only ourselves, but also our families.

Through Rainier Wealth Planning and Sagemark Consulting, Jason Rainier, CFP® and his team assist affluent families and business owners in a concierge manner to: 

  • Understand current and future situations through the use of economic modeling 
  • Identify, understand, and correct coordination gaps in current financial planning
  • Work toward achieving financial goals by designing customized strategies for the accumulation, preservation, and ultimate transfer of wealth

Jason Rainier understands that each dollar entrusted to his care has an actual family attached to it.

Serving their clients as mathematical stewards of wealth, Jason and his team do not stray from the fundamentals of investing and financial planning. They believe in taking a measuredbroadly diversifiedhigh qualitylow expense approach to investments with the assets entrusted to their care.